Inspection: examining our faith in light of scripture

 Inspection: Examining Our Faith In Light Of Scripture     Date (Audio)       Manuscript  Small  Group
 Why Does It Matter To Me? (Matthew 7:13-27)  June 12, 2011  Click Here         Click Here 
 Am I Sure? (2 Peter 1:1-11)  June 5, 2011  Click Here  Click Here  
 Am I Deceived? (1 Corinthians 10:1-13)  May 29, 2011  Click Here  Click Here 
 Am I Fit For The Kingdom? (Luke 9:57-62)  May 22, 2011  Click Here  Click Here 
 Am I A Disciple? (Luke 14:25-35)  May 15, 2011 (Audio) Click Here  Click Here